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Funk driven psychedelic Prog Rock


We proudly present "Greasy Hands" our debut full length 13-track double album! 

“In summary, the lp is a triumphant showcase of the group’s musicality with tracks ranging from heart-wrenching ballads to fantastical progressive compositions.”



"Phantasmagoria could be seen as the acceptable and modern face of that excessive genre. It creates a hazy and fairly ambient platform on which guitar riffs and gentle pastoral vocals are allowed to dance. Taken from a full length album of which this forms part of the whimsical adventure it is a brilliant teaser for a fuller suite of music and its inclusions of psychedelia, soulfulness, cinematic rock and sweeping soundtrack vibes as well as the afore-mentioned prog, are a delicious taste of the full dining experience."

-A&R Factory

"Phantasmagoria" AVAILABLE NOW:

about the band

Greasy Hands, based out of Baltimore MD, creates funk driven psychedelic prog-rock (aka the soundtrack to your adventure). From soulful soliloquies to complex compositions, the group benefits from a multitalented collective of songwriting musicians who enjoy taking listeners on a funky roller coaster ride through intergalactic dimensions of space and time.

The Grease has been spread far and wide over the years - flowing up and down the East Coast from New York City to Birmingham Alabama and has seeped west through the foothills of Appalachia from Asheville to Austin. Throughout their travels, Greasy Hands has been fortunate to build friendships and share the stage with incredible acts including Easy Star All-Stars, Cris Jacobs Band, Yellow Dubmarine, Big Something, Litz, Super City, Swift Technique, Deaf Scene, The Visions, Daikaiju, Dale and the ZDubs, Let The Monkey Go, Squaring The Circle, Moogatu, and many more.

On the heels of their first full length record release, the band is poised to showcase their ever-innovating sound to audiences far and wide and will be touring throughout 2019.


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