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Lanolin T-shirt

A integral member of Greasy Hands Land since the beginning, Lanolin the pig lives life to the fullest. Wearing this shirt will remind you to do the same. Always remember - keep it Greasy people.

Greasy Hands (Double alubm)

Greasy Hands’ long-awaited self-titled debut album is a recording that could have only been made after nearly a decade of honing an eclectic but cohesive sound that feels equally at home in singer-songwriter territory and progressive rock. 

Lil’ Swag sticker

Lil' Swag minions are often found within the vicinity of their patriarch, Mr. Swag, actively helping to lay down the funk. While somewhat mischievous, they are more than often unobtrusive and find joy in entertaining the youth of Greasy Hands Land with their funky swagalicious dance moves.